Guyana's Cyber Crime Act of 2018


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1 Short Title
2 Interpretation

Cybercrime Offences

3 Illegal access to a computer system
4 Illegal interception
5 Illegal data interference
6 Illegal acquisition of data
7 Illegal system interference
8 Illegal devices
9 Unauthorised granting of access to or giving of electronic data
10 Computer-related forgery
11 Computer related fraud
12 Offences affecting critical infrastructure
13 Identity-related offences
14 Child pornography
15 Child luring
16 Publication or transmission of image of private area of a person
17 Multiple electronic mail messages and fraudulent website
18 Offences against the State
19 Using a computer system or coerce, harass, intimidate, humiliate, etc. a person
20 Infringement of copyright, patents and designs and trademarks
21 Corporate liability
22 Attempt, aiding or abetting
23 Use of computer system to commit offence under any other law
24 Offences prejudicing investigation


25 Service providers to store traffic data and subscriber information
26 Extension of time for prosecution of an offence
27 Jurisdiction
28 Search and seizure
29 Record of seized material
30 Assistance
31 Production order
32 Expedited preservation order
33 Disclosure of traffic data order
34 Confidentiality of order
35 Prohibition of disclosures
36 Protection of person aiding in enforcement of Act
37 Order for removal or disablement of data
38 Remote forensic tools
39 Order for payment of compensation
40 Forfeiture order
41 Order for seizure and restraint regarding forfeiture
42 Failure to comply with a court order
43 Evidence


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This article was contributed by Jason Jacobs from Guyana. Jason is a member of the Caribbean CSPA. 


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