Grenada's Electronic Crimes Act of 2013


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1. Short title and commencement
2. Interpretation
3. Application
4. Act binding on State


5. Unauthorised access and interference
6. Sending offensive messages through communication services, etc
7. Identify theft
8. Electronic forgery
9. Electronic fraud
10. Violation of privacy
11. Misuse of encryption
12. Child pornography
13. Sensitive electronic system
14. Electronic terrorism
15. Prank calls to law enforcement
16. Electronic stalking
17. Spoof and spam
18. Unauthorised access to code

Investigations and Procedures

19. Preservation order
20. Disclosure of preserved data order
21. Production order
22. Powers of access, search and seizure for the purpose of investigation
23. Real time collection of traffic data
24. Mobile phone tracking in emergencies
25. Arrest without warrant
26. Deletion
27. Limited use of data and information
28. No liability for service provider
29. Institution of criminal proceedings
30. Extraditable offences
31. Order for compensation
32. Forfeiture
33. Regulations



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This article was contributed by Jason Jacobs from Guyana. Jason is a member of the Caribbean CSPA. 


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