Digital Security and Privacy by Dmitri Vitaliev


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1.1 Security and Insecurity
1.2 Security awareness
1.3 Threat assessment and the security circle
2.1 Windows Security
2.2 Password Protection
2.3 Information Backup, Destruction and Recovery
2.4 Cryptology
2.5 Internet Surveillance and Monitoring
2.6 Circumvention of Internet censorship and filtering
2.7 Encryption on the Internet
2.8 Steganography
2.9 Malicious software and Spam
2.10 Identity Theft and Profiling
3. Changes to legislation on Internet privacy and freedom
of expression affecting work and safety of Human
Rights Defenders around the world
3.1 Censorship of online content and Online publishing
3.2 Web site Filtering
3.3 Communications Surveillance
3.4 Cryptology and Circumvention
4.1 Case Study1 - Creating a Security Policy
4.2 Case Study 2 - Communication channels
4.3 Case Study 3 - Securing and Archiving Data
4.4 Case Study 4 - Secure Email and Blogging
Appendix A. Computers explained
Appendix B. Internet explained
Appendix C. Internet Program settings
Appendix D. How long should my password be?
A proposal for the Internet Rights Charter



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