Jamaica - National Cyber Security Strategy (English)


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1 Acknowledgement
2 List of Acronyms
3 Executive Summary
4 Introduction

4.1 National development and the role of ICT
4.2 The Threat of Cybercrime and its impact on National Security
4.3 Cyber Incidents in Jamaica
4.4 Facing the challenge
4.5 Existing Cyber Security related efforts
4.6 Links with other Policies and Programmes

5 Guiding Principles

6 Strategy Objectives

6.1 Technical measures
6.2 Critical infrastructure systems are resilient in the face of current and future cyber threats
6.3 National capability for ensuring timely and effective response to cyber incidents is established and maintained
6.4 A risk-based approach is applied in establishing IT and information security standards, policies and guidelines for ICT infrastructure and cyber security governance
6.5 Leveraging regional and international partnerships
6.6 Human resource and capacity building
6.7 An available pool of skilled and knowledgeable professionals in the field of Information Security is maintained
6.8 Jamaica has an active and dynamic culture of research and development
6.9 Legal and regulatory
6.10 Jamaica is a safe place to do business
6.11 Establishment of a robust Governance framework to support the cyber security landscape
6.12 Maintenance of an effective legal framework and enforcement capabilities to investigate and prosecute cybercrimes
6.13 Legal protection in cyberspace
6.14 Public education and awareness
6.15 Jamaicans are knowledgeable and aware of the cyber risks, as well as the actions to be taken regarding cyber security
6.16 Measures are implemented to protect vulnerable groups in cyberspace
6.17 Jamaica has a culture of cyber security

7 Implementation and Review

8 Conclusion

9 Glossary of Terms

10 Activities



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This article was contributed by Toniann Walters from Jamaica. Toniann is a member of the Caribbean CSPA. 


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