Bermuda Personal Information Protection Act of 2016


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Interpretation and Scope

General Principles and Rules
Responsibility and Compliance
Conditions for Using Personal Information
Sensitive Personal Information
Privacy Notices
Purpose Limitation
Integrity of Personal Information
Security Safeguards
Breach of Security
Transfer of Personal Information to an Overseas Third Party
Personal Information about Children in the Information Society

Rights of Individuals
Access to Personal Information
Access to Medical Records
Rectification, Blocking, Erasure and Destruction
Procedure for Making a Request under Section 17, 18 or 19
Compensation for Financial Loss or Distress

National Security Exemption
Communication Provider Exemption
Regulatory Activity and Honours Exemption
General Exemption

Establishment and Appointment of the Commissioner
Funding for Office and Accounting
General Powers of the Commissioner
Power to Authorise an Organisation to Disregard Certain Requests
Powers Concerning Investigations and Inquiries
Codes of Practice
Statements Not Admissible for Prosecution
Restrictions on Disclosure of Information
Protection of the Commissioner and Staff
Delegation by the Commissioner
Reports by the Commissioner
Right to Ask for a Review or Initiate a Complaint
Procedure for a Review or Initiating a Complaint
Notifying Others of Review or Complaint
Inquiry by the Commissioner
Burden of Proof
Commissioner’s Orders
Judicial Review

General Provisions
Disclosure for Purposes of Business Transaction
Offences and Penalties
Power to Make Regulations
Review of the Act
Crown Application
Power to Make Consequential Amendments


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This article was contributed by Jason Jacobs from Guyana. Jason is a member of the Caribbean CSPA. 

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