credstash - Store secrets using AWS KMS and DynamoDB.


credstash is a Store secrets using AWS KMS and DynamoDB.


How to get this tool

To use this tool, please use a method listed below.

In a Linux (Debian OS), run the following command(s).

git clone 

cd credstash


#Credstash recently moved from PyCrypto to cryptography. cryptography uses pre-built binary wheels on OSX and Windows, but does not on Linux. That means that you need to install some dependencies if you want to run credstash on linux.


#For Debian and Ubuntu, the following command will ensure that the required dependencies are installed:


sudo apt-get install build-essential libssl-dev libffi-dev python-dev

pip install credstash

credstash setup


Download directly from the following link:


How to execute

credstash -h





Next steps:


This article was contributed by Jason Jacobs from Guyana. Jason is a member of the Caribbean CSPA.

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