shellpop - generate reverse or bind shell commands tool


shellpop easily generates sophisticated reverse or bind shell commands to save time during Penetration Tests.


How to get this tool

To use this tool, please use a method listed below.

In a Linux (Debian OS), run the following command(s).

Python 2.7 is required. 3.0+ version will not work.


Install the required dependencies

sudo apt install python-argcomplete metasploit-framework -y

git clone && cd ShellPop/ pip install -r requirements.txt


Run setup install

python install


PS: After installation, tab auto-complete will only work after restarting the terminal.


Download directly from the following link:


How to execute

shellpop –reverse –number 1 –host –port 443 –urlencode





Next steps:


This article was contributed by Gavin Dennis from Jamaica. Gavin is a member of the Caribbean CSPA.

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