LOIC - DDOS - Open source network stress tool for Windows


LOIC (Low Orbit Ion Cannon is an open source network stress tool, written in C#. LOIC is based on Praetox's LOIC project at sourceforge.net/projects/loic/.

How to get this tool

To use this tool, please use a method listed below.

In a Linux (Debian OS), run the following command(s).

How To Run On Windows

Download the binaries. it requires Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1, available at:


How To Run On Linux / Macosx

  • Run debug binaries with Mono or Wine.


How to run LOIC using Wine

Assuming you have Ubuntu/Debian:

  • Download latest LOIC and extract. Then open a terminal and run the following
sudo apt install  wine

wget http://www.kegel.com/wine/winetricks && cd  winetricks/

sh winetricks


From the GUI select dotnet20, and install it.

  • Go to applications on your drop down and under Wine click on “Browse C: drive” then move the extracted LOIC to c:
  • Now, go to the extracted file and right-click LOIC.exe and click properties.
  • Go to permissions tab and check the box “Allow executing this file as program”.
  • Right click file again and under open application, select wine.


How to run LOIC using Mono

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Linux (Ubuntu / Debian / Fedora)

Mac OS X (Old instructions – Not tested on latest versions)

  • Download LOIC (with windows binaries) from download page and extract in desktop.
  • Download mono from: https://www.mono-project.com/download/stable/
  • Install mono.
  • Open a terminal and type
mono /path_to_loic/debug/LOIC.exe
  • LOIC should open (check tray too)


Download directly from the following link:


How to execute


HIVEMIND mode will connect your client to an IRC server so it can be controlled remotely. Think of this as a voluntary botnet. Please be aware that your client can potentially be made to do naughty things.

Note: It does NOT allow remote administration of your machine; it just provides control of LOIC itself.

If you want to start up in Hivemind mode, run something such as this:

LOIC.exe /hivemind irc.server.address

which will connect to irc://irc.server.adress:6667/loic

You can also specify a port and channel:

LOIC.exe /hivemind irc.server.address
  1234 #secret

which will connect to irc://irc.server.adress:1234/secret

In order to run Hivemind Hidden mode, run something such as this:

LOIC.exe /hidden /hivemind irc.server.address

which will connect to irc://irc.server.adress:6667/loic without any visible GUI.


As an OP, Admin or Owner, set the channel topic or send a message such as the following:

!lazor targetip= message=test_test port=80 method=tcp wait=false random=true

To start an attack, type:

!lazor start

or append "start" to the END of the topic:

!lazor targetip= message=test_test port=80 method=tcp wait=false random=true start

To reset LOIC's options back to their defaults:

!lazor default

To stop an attack:

!lazor stop

and be sure to remove "start" from the END of the topic, if it exists, as well.

Take a look at the source code for more details.





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This article was contributed by Gavin Dennis from Jamaica. Gavin is a member of the Caribbean CSPA.

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