gitminer - Tool for advanced mining for content on Github.


gitminer is a tool for advanced mining for content on Github.


How to get this tool

To use this tool, please use a method listed below.

In a Linux (Debian OS), run the following command(s).

git clone">

cd GitMiner

pip3 install -r requirements.txt


Download directly from the following link:


How to execute

#Searching for WordPress configuration files with passwords:

python3 -q 'filename:wp-config extension:php FTP_HOST in:file
    ' -m wordpress -c pAAAhPOma9jEsXyLWZ-16RTTsGI8wDawbNs4 -o result.txt





Next steps:


This article was contributed by Jason Jacobs from Guyana. Jason is a member of the Caribbean CSPA.

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