Types of CSPA membership

There are three types of membership:

  • Associate (free)
  • Professional (free)
  • Corporate (free)

Additionally there are paid sponsorship options.

Associate membership

Associate Membership is for people who have not yet earned any qualification or direct experience in the field of Cyber Security or Data Privacy.

Professional membership

Professional Membership is for people who hold an active qualification or at least 6 months of continuous working experience in Cyber Security or Data Privacy.

Corporate membership

Corporate Membership is for companies who want to:

  • eventually earn our Mitigate-5 certification.
  • implement basic controls
  • fast-track their staff to membership
  • ultimately demonstrate that they care about Cyber Security and Data Privacy.

Corporate sponsorship

Corporate sponsorship is for service providers businesses who want to benefit commercially through the association. Such as connecting with members who might be interested in their services. e.g. MSPs, MSSP, consulting companies.

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