What is Verification for membership?


When someone applies to become a member of the Caribbean CSPA, we need to validate their identity for the following reasons.

  • Members are published in our online Members Directory. So, it is critical that any published identity is accurate. You can view the directory at caribbeancspa.org/members.
  • Members can apply to earn one of our certifications. Any issued certification must be issued only to the correct person.
  • We are eligible to take our certification exams without re-verifying each time to take the exam.
  • Our Discord chat group is for CSPA members only.

If you apply for membership, you will receive an email stating that your application has been conditionally approved and that the next step is for us to verify your identity.

Note: We do not copy or store identification documents from our identity verification sessions.


How does verification happen?

Verification happens in an online session with one of our representatives in the following steps:

  1. Select a date from our online calendar to get verified. The link for this calendar is in the approval email you received from us.
  2. Join your scheduled session on time, enable your video so our representative can see you. Note: Our representative will also be on live video.
  3. Our representative will instruct you to hold your ID up to the camera so they can verify your identity.


Does verification expire?

No. However we reserve the right to ask any member to re-verify and to restrict access to any member-benefit until re-verification is complete.




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