What is Associate Membership?


Associate Membership is for those who have not yet earned any qualification or direct experience in the field of Cyber Security or Data Privacy.

There is no fee to become an Associate Member and no membership fees.


While professional membership is for those who have already earned a qualification or direct experience in the field of cyber security or data privacy.


Why do we separate Associate and Professional Membership?

We believe that those who have not yet earned relevant experience or a qualification require a different kind of support than those who already have.


For example:

  • For Associate Members, we do things like host introductory cyber security sessions and guide with finding entry level roles (0-1 years experience).
  • For Professional Members, we help with finding jobs that require experience or qualifications (including certifications).


How does someone become an Associate Member?

You can become an associate member by completing our online application form on our website.

  • On desktop, there is an "Apply" button at the top right.
  • On mobile, it is within the menu options. Additionally, there are other locations on our website where you will see a link to apply for membership.

The membership process is as follows.

  1. While completing the form, select the membership type you are requesting and submit your details.
  2. Our team will review your submission and respond to you by email with instructions on how to complete your identity verification.
  3. Using the link provided in the email, select a date for your verification session from our online calendar.

Note: You can learn more about identity verification by clicking HERE.


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