Testing website for members

CSPA members can request a website to be created for them in our cloud learning environment to support their personal development.


What you can do

A member can make the following changes to their learning site:

  • Use FTP to upload files (except for malware, sexual or illegal content).
  • Login on the front-end and make updates and changes.
  • Modify all files of their website, the look, feel and functionality as part of learning about web technology.
  • Run tests for security and other purposes against your learning site.


What you must not do

  • Do not launch Denial of Service attacks against a learning site.
  • Do not upload malware to a learning site.
  • Do not upload any kind of sexual content to a learning site.
  • Do not use a learning site for commercial activities such as to operate or support a business venture.
  • Do not run a port scan on the server outside of port 80, 21, 22, 3306 (MySQL for WordPress sites).

We reserve the right to remove any demo site that has breached the requirements, without giving any notice.


Where to find your site

Your site will be created as a sub-domain of the learning environment's domain and its address will be listed to all other members in our Discord group. 


How To Apply

Please submit the form below:


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